Saturday, January 9, 2016

Acceptance not so easy

It seems that the word that popped into my head on New Year's Day, acceptance, is going to be a challenge. As one blogger wrote to me said, who coincidentally chose the same word, that some say it is the way to inner happiness.

This week, at my follow up appointment for my knee surgery, I was told that my knee is worse than he thought by the pics. I may have two years before needing a replacement.

He also ordered a hip replacement . The waiting time is about 18 months.

I'm glad to be finally getting somewhere but at the same time it's a bit of bad news for me. He told me that snowshoeing would be out after a hip replacement. I've always been very outdoorsy, so it will certainly mean I won't be able to do some things.

At the moment, I'm in the middle of a grieving process, at the same time trying to function with increasing pain.

I will need to work on the acceptance part and hopefully, I'll eventually find my way to some inner peace. I know this probably sounds very whiny to some. There after all many worse things and I must always keep that in mind.

Good news though. I will see the back surgeon in two weeks and the pain clinic at the same time. I am lucky to have gotten in. It can often be years.

So, enough of that. I really needed some studio time today. I gave myself two hours, making sure I alternated between standing, sewing and cutting.

I've added a few more branches, a narrow border and I'm auditioning a final border.

Taking a photo helps to see what I need to do. These are possible fabrics, but I'm not sure of the arrangement yet. There is a bit more stitching left to do on the tree before I add the borders and get to the quilting.

Then I switched to putting together a few blocks of a baby quilt I'm starting.

I'm using low volume prints plus various turquoise fabrics and following a pattern from a Fons and Porter magazine.

The quilt is actually larger; I thought it would make a sweet baby quilt.

This is how I will be dividing my time in the next month. The baby blocks will be perfect for sewing days or for when I have a few minutes to sew.



Mystic Quilter said...

Sorry to read what's happening - I will email you off line.
Your tree is coming along a treat, love the purple and soft peach with this.

Jo Ferguson said...

I admire your ability to create such beautiful projects when you have so much you're struggling with, now. Acceptance is not an easy word but if anyone has the strength to get there, you do.

Liz in Ypsilanti said...

Please don't apologize for being in pain. You're among friends here, and you've been honest with us. Recently my sister-in-law had some health issues, and when her son asked me why she was ill, I said, "These 50+ bodies start showing wear and tear; it's a normal part of life." When I told his mom, it seems she had said something similar. I do appreciate your art and your observant eye. Take care of yourself.

Mereknits said...

You sound like you are in a lot of pain, not whiny at all. It takes so long to get your surgeries though, that is a tough one to accept! I think acceptance is a great word and one I might have to try on for next year.
Hugs to you,

Sandi said...

I'm glad you have your creativity to help keep your mind busy from the pain and discomfort.

Love the baby quilt and changes to your tree.

Threadpainter said...

Very sorry to hear that knee & hip replacements are going to take so long ... but well worth the wait !
Acceptance is your challenge ... you'll be as good as gold soon !

Linda H said...

Holly, so sorry you are having more pain, and now looking at knee and hip surgery. The wait times in this province are just ridiculous. I do hope you get some satisfaction soon, one way or another.