Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Playing with scraps--bookmarks

Last summer, I developed the habit of doing small sketches with my tea at breakfast or lunch, of flora, fauna and flotsam that I'd picked up while on my walks on the trail or at the beach. I'm trying to get back into the habit. Today, I did a small one of a lobster claw picked up at the beach last weekend. My husband sighed when he saw me pick it up because he knew that the table would be gathering all these odd bits again. He complains, don't they all, but thankfully, he ignores it.

 After breakfast, I went out this morning to get the flat tire fixed and oh boy it is hot! I truly am happy to be able to retreat to my sunny, but cool, (thanks to A/C )studio with it's window onto the garden. I glanced outside occasionally while  I played with my painted canvas background and scraps. I noted but did not stop for photos when the robin siblings came to play in the fountain.

Instead of working on the runner and curtains that I should be doing, I've been playing with the fusible scraps that I cut out yesterday for the painted canvas background .

I arranged a small section and ironed the pieces down.

Taking this piece to the sewing machine, I proceeded to do some sketchy outlining of the flowers and leaves with black thread.

It really brings it alive doesn't it?

Next, I cut it into two sections about the right size for bookmarks. Then I decided it needed a little sparkle so I cut out some Angelina fiber bubbles that I'd backed with fusible.

The last step will be to attach a fabric backing (the blue) and zigzag the edges. Is it any wonder why I generally save these for gifts and don't sell them? They would be expensive book marks although they are fun to do--akin to cutting and pasting in kindergarten. very relaxing.

I just went out to answer the phone and checked the thermometer in the shade on the deck. 33.4C. I was my husband confirming our date for a quick supper at a family type local restaurant. Yay, I had more time to play today with no dinner to start. It's too hot to barbecue and he plans to head to the golf course afterwards.

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Laurel's Stitches said...

Holly, your lobster claw story and drawing brought back warm thoughts of the last time I visited ("down home") your glorious side of the country. What I wouldn't give to live in lobster county. Ah... all in time. I think I'll pull out my Acadian flag and fly it for a while. Or, at least hang it in my studio for some inspiration.

You draw so well.

Your bookmarks are lovely.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Gosh thery are pretty, Holly

SuperMomNoCape said...

Your bookmarks are so pretty!!

It's amazing the differences in the temperature across the country. Here is Southwestern Ontario this morning when I went for my morning walk, it was so cool that the air felt more like the middle of September than the middle of July.

Peg's Place said...

So neat that you can draw. That is one skill that I would like to have! Love the bookmarks and your creative process. Thanks for sharing. It was hot here yesterday and today we are down to 11 :(...oh well, more time to applique.

Angela said...

Love the bookmarks!

Kate said...

I love the bookmarks, and you make it look so effortless.
I hope the heat helps you forget the snow from last winter!