Monday, May 25, 2015

Gardening, sketching, dragonfly wings

While my fiber art projects continue to call to me, I've had to move outside to more earthy endeavours. It's finally warming and the lawns and trees are greening up. There is always lots to do outside this time of year and this year more so because I now have a lovely raised bed to plant.

I filled it with veggie seeds this morning. Also, last year, hubby expanded the deck which meant that I lost the nice veggie patch that I had going all round the base of it. I'm working on hoeing up a new space that I'll use for climbing veggies as I have three metal trellises. It's all about making good use of every little sunny spot.

Things are pretty plain at the moment but it won't take long for the foliage and flowers to fill it all in.

This afternoon I went out again to move a few perennials and make space for one of the really big hostas that a friend gave me.

Whenever come  in for a break, I grab a bite and some tea and flop with my knitting. I'm really liking how the baby afghan is looking with the yarn that I unravelled from the sweater I didn't like. I'm using some other cottons from my stash for the stripes.

Yesterday, I only ventured into my sewing studio long enough to re do the dragonfly wings. The bottom layer is a sparkly black tulle to which I added (with Lite Steam a seam 2) a thin sprinkle of Angelina fibres. I'm satisfied with them now.

It'll be a rainy day endeavour. It won't be long either before the heat will be too much for me and the sewing studio will be my retreat with a great view of the garden.

I'm wishing you all a lovel Monday in your part of the world.


Marilyn said...

Your gardens will look great in a short time. I like what you did with the dragon fly wings. How will you attach the dragon fly to the little quilt?

elle said...

I'm busy with my yard also. I really like that bit of lace!