Monday, August 10, 2009

Yesterday was my husbands only day off this weekend so I spent it with him. We went kayaking up the Nepisiquit River where we stopped for lunch and later on the way back we had a swim. It was a lovely few hours. The only picture I have to post is a very crude watercolor sketch I did while stopped for lunch. It is challenging to use the medium while outside on a windy day. Also, I had only the tiny brush that comes in the kit. Those are my excuses anyway.

I am trying to urge myself to do a little artwork every day. In order to enjoy it I must learn to not be so critical with myself which means "just doing it" and then throwing it out there no matter how good or bad I think it is. The reason I left my art for sometime was that I was too uptight about the finished product. Now I am trying to concentrate on the process, so I may have more of that kind of photo here than finished product.
In another vein, on Saturday, I took two pieces of fabric and buried them in my backyard. I was inspired by another artist that I read about who does that as well. (Cas Holmes). Last night while sitting on our deck, my husband and I were enjoying the songs and antics of all the birds. Sometime later, he noticed a movement under the hedge. It was a cedar waxwing that seemed to be in trouble. We watched for soemtime as it struggled and then slowed down. It had dug itself into a little hole right next to my fabric. That was really not what I had in mind when I came up with my name 'nature art'! I shall have to check it out when the rain stops and move it to a better burial spot if it is still there. Sad.


Karen said...

Hello Holly!
Thanks for visiting my blog and for the kind words that you left :)

Anonymous said...

Love the skech Holly. A bright spot in my day. Wendy