Thursday, June 16, 2016


While it remains somewhat gray, it has warmed up and the sun has poked through a few times today. It seems like it's been cold and cloudy forever. I did a load of wash this morning hoping it would clear up enough to get them out. They're stretched out on the line in front of me, a happy sight. Finally, I'm able to sit out on the deck again.

I finished up my cushion and put it on my bed.

Before lunch, I went out looking for a better mattress cover for my bed. Recently, I bought a new mattress and also purchased the obligatory mattress protector. It is one of those with elastic around the bottom edges. I hate it because it always bunches up when you're in bed. My zippered cover from the last mattress won't fit the pillow top. I found one that will although it may be a it too big which I think could be fixed.

After lunch, I thought about venturing outside but somehow ended up in my sewing studio. I played with some free motion, stitching all the grass and plants down. A bit of work but it didn't take that long and it was relaxing. I tried overlaying netting to hold it all down but didn't really like it. Probably, it's best viewed a bit from a distance.

Then I got out the paints and coloured the white lace.

I also starting laying more stems over top. Am I crazy, lol? It's completely fanciful. I'm having some creative fun, not really sure how it will end up or if it will. For now it is keeping me busy and happy.



Mereknits said...

I think it is wonderful and if it keeps you busy and happy that makes it perfect.

Jo Ferguson said...

The pillow is perfect and I'm loving your new piece.

Dante Storey said...
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