Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A little gardening, a little sewing

As per usual this time of year, I divide my day up into a few different activities with some rest in between. This morning , I watered the veggies and put in a few perennials in my back border.

I'm especially cognizant of my time right now since my appointment with the surgeon yesterday. As for the tear in my shoulder, we'll wait and see if it improves. If not, surgery is an option. However, I've been scheduled for a hip replacement in August!

I will need to set some priorities for things to get finished. I need to be recouped aged before the birth of our first grandchild in November.

I put my most recent bird bath that I made from second hand store glass pieces out in the corner of the yard. It's the one on the left with the blue.

Things are growing but I'm anxious for it all to fill out a bit more.

Those tiny bits to the left of the apple tree are cosmos, one of my favourite flowers.

In the sewing room this afternoon, I stitched up one baby burp pad just to see what it would look like, following a pattern sent to me by a blogger friend, Linda Hubbard.



Then, I switched to a little playtime on the latest fiber art piece I'm doing.

The background is all stitched down under a layer of netting. Today, I started cutting some foliage and the lace flowers for the final layer. They look weird now -- the stitching will make them more realistic. Those green clumps are meant to be hostas.

I think a few bigger flowers and leaves and a few insects should do it.




Laurel's Stitches said...

What a beautiful garden (the fibre art one as well as your real life one)!

That burp pad is very cute.

Thank you for posting to TN&TN's WIP Wednesday!

Laurel's Stitches said...

Holly, will you post a close-up of the bird bath you made? It looks wonderful from afar.

Best wishes for getting healthy prior to your next surgery...

Linda H said...

Your gardens look great. Gardening is a lot of work, I too get anxious for things to grow more quickly and "fill in." Why can't the plants grow as quickly as the weeds do?! The burp pad looks great, what a cute print! Thanks for mentioning my blog.

Mystic Quilter said...

I'm pleased to read that things are now going along with your hip surgery, it will be August in no time!
The garden is looking lovely and summery and isn't it amazing what can be achieved by working in short bursts.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Lovely gardens Holly...your art piece is stunning

Margaret said...

Everything looks lovely--lots of creativity going on at your place!

Jo Ferguson said...

You have so many big things happening over the next few months. Enjoy your garden time and projects.