Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Mostly, knitting and a baby block

Lately, I've had a dizzying whirl of appointments and I'm having a hard time to settle and get much done. It's too bad that in our health system we have to see a specialist for every separate thing (which I know is really a good thing) and there's not really any one doctor or group that can oversee other than the family doctor wo doesn't always know what to do and wait times are about a month.

Today, I have an ultrasound appointment, tomorrow, an appointment an hour away with a surgeon about my shoulder and Friday a follow up with the ENT a couple hours away.

Here I sit this morning with heat and ice, lol, amidst my knitting projects.


Ive been having fun making baby socks in different sizes using the baby Regia.

Last night I put together a few pieces of the X's and O's block for a baby quilt using a gray plus a charm pack.


I've got a looming deadline for an a magazine article. I'm almost done. And each day I try to do a very small--a couple feet at most-- section of my veggie pact, getting it ready for my seedlings.

Also, I've been spending more time as the weather warms, and before it gets too hot, on my deck. I took a stroll around the yard the other day, gathering a few leaves to sketch on a page where I'd cleaned my brayer.

I'm hoping things will settle soon but that's the ebb and flow of life isn't it?

My goal today is to hang out the wash, go to my appointment, and edit my printed out rough copy of my article.

This piece is finally bordered and waiting for the batting and quilting if I can get the time!



Laurel's Stitches said...

How on earth do you do all that you do, Holly! You have so many beautiful projects on the go... and (unlike me), you are making progress on them!

Those little socks are adorable! I love your drawings and that quilt looks great.

Thank you for posting to TN&TN's WIP Wednesday!

Mystic Quilter said...

The new baby is going to have lots of beautiful socks! Hope you can get your article finished quickly in the midst of these appointments. I think the idea of a short time now and again in the veg patch is a good way, I try and do that because I do love gardening but not physically able to deal with more than 15 minutes at one go.

Jo Ferguson said...

So many beautiful projects on the go. You inspire me to keep stitch after another.