Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sketching, Stitching, and Printing Feathers

From one day to the next I never know how I will feel or what I will work on. Since yesterday was sunny and breezy, I did some gardening. I'm slowly weeding, moving and adding plants to my back beds a few feet at a time. Hubby helps with the big stuff. I'm careful but still often need to switch activities the next day.

During my feet up time after lunch today, I sketched a few of my feathers and a small nest. I know, I know, I've already got a few pieces on the go. This one is swirling around in my head though and needs out.

I enjoy painting and printing my own fabrics, so a book caught my eye this summer. In this one I saw the idea of stitching on craft foam to make a stamp or texture plate and I've been itching to try it wondering how it would work.

I bought the book on kindle and liked it so much that I ordered the paper copy. It is so colorful and packed with ideas and exercises.
I lightly penciled on an outline first and then free motion stitched. I must say the foam sews like butter.

There's an area that bugs me though. I got confused with the lines as it was under the machine and turned upside down. Easy to do more and to layer them.

I think it's quite pretty stamped onto paper. It looks quite delicate, an effect better achieved with stitching than by engraving marks into the foam with a pen as I've often done.

I'm looking forward to doing more feathers, a nest and some birds to layer onto fabric.

While I had the paints out, I wanted to add some flowers to this canvas piece that I cut to make myself a pen and pencil case. There are some bare spots.

Here it is with some brush work flowers added.

I'll set it nearby for a day when I'm looking for some no brainer free motion stitching.

I hope you're having a good week and firing some time to be creative in some way.



Robbie said...

The foam stamped on paper is very delicate looking! How interesting...have you tried it on fabric yet? Could be a nice addition to a background. thanks for sharing pics and technique!

Mereknits said...

I love your creativity.

Jo Ferguson said... the stamp. I had another of Traci's books and enjoyed it immensely. This one looks good too.