Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Tangled garden

Hubby took the day off today to join his father in a seniors golf tournament. He packed his rain gear in expectation of rain but so far there's been nothing but the odd sprinkle.

I did a quick but much needed cleaning this morning and then took a quick run to a local couturier who does alterations and carries a little bit of everything. I picked up a few more flannels for the burp pads.


This afternoon, I'm free to play to my hearts content as I don't need to cook, yippee!

I've been cutting up fabric like a preschooler with scissors and coloured paper. It's totally absorbing and maybe a bit crazy!

It's not meant to be at all serious or even realistic, fun only.

It's very therapeutic for me right now. Cutting and pasting

As is my actual garden and my humble deck. Right now, it's muggy, although quite breezy and comfortable. I've brought my snack outside. Summer fruit, cottage cheese with a sprinkle of homemade granola, and homemade ice tea with a touch of unsweetened cranberry. The best thirst quencher.

I took a stroll around the yard for a few more pictures. A reader asked for a more close up picture of the blue bird bath.

The one above I did last year and there's a solar light in it.

I've got the other pieces laid out still. I'm waiting to pick up another little solar light before putting them together. Especially the 'mushroom' it will be cute lit up.

My husband groans when I bring home yard sale junk because he doesn't see the potential.

I spray painted this bent and rusty side of an old metal crib and leaned it against the deck as well as putting in a few vines at its base.

I should have the good camera out here. I'm being entertained by the birds in the bath. A hummingbird just visited the deck. So far, a grackle, two chickadees and a gold finch have been in the bath. Who needs tv!

A gold finch just came for a drink from the fountain. The chickadees will often bathe there.

I've taken a single serving of chilli for supper so I can relax until I'm hungry.

I'm hoping your day is going well.



Mereknits said...

Your garden looks wonderful Holly and your stitching is the best! I love it and think it is just so much fun.

Jo Ferguson said...

I'm loving the layers in this piece. Your garden is an oasis.

Sheila said...

Love the art piece you are creating , looks like a fun process . I really love all your garden ornaments and bird baths , what do you use to hold these pieces together . I made a couple of mushrooms last year but they didn't stay together.

Juanita said...

You are so creative! Your cut and paste fabric piece looks wonderful and I just love your blue birdbath!

Laurel's Stitches said...

Thank you for posting some close-ups. What beautiful baths!