Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy Canada Day!

Hubby had to go to work this morning, not early though, so at least he got to sleep in and enjoy a leisurely breakfast and coffee.

What better way to celebrate Canada than to pick fresh rhubarb and radishes from my garden. I mixed up a batch of granola rhubarb muffins and tried out a new for me recipe (found on Pinterest) of pickled radishes.

Shortly, I'll have a muffin with a slice of cheese and then I'll head downtown to see some of the festivities. Hubby should be home mid afternoon. I've taken out chicken breast for the barbecue.

Happy July 1st to my Canadian friends!



elle said...

Happy Canada Day, Holly!

Dolores said...

Happy Canada Day Holly. It sounds like your day is all planned out. We watched the parade this morning but decided to skip the other festivities.

Linda H said...

Happy Canada Day Holly!