Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Cafe curtains

I finished the runner for my daughter..

 This afternoon, I cut out the 1st valance for my sister's cafe. I'm not a technical sewer so it's a challenge! I've got one done, 3 to go. It took me about an hour.

I also took a few minutes to cut out some Angelina fiber swirls for the tulip piece that is waiting for me to finish. This is how it looks in the package.

One must pull out a clump maneuvering it into a flattish shape and press it between ironing sheets.

In the picture above, I've got swirls drawn onto fusible web and I'm ready to iron this onto the Angelina fiber, again using pressing cloths underneath and over top otherwise the fiber would stick to the iron.

It's very difficult to catch the sparkle with the camera. It is now fused to the piece ready for stitching. I felt that the fused fiber swirls needed a little more bling. The area also needed more interest.

I've got to get the valances and curtains done so I can get to the fun stuff. I always think things will be quick to do when it actually takes me considerable longer to figure it out.


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

always so interesting, Holly

Mereknits said...

Hi Holly, I am trying to get caught up and have to tell you I think those bookmarks are so beautiful. You are such an amazing artist.
Hugs to you and good luck with those curtains.