Monday, July 13, 2015

The garden, a bedraggled chickadee, playing with fusible scraps

Well, we are having a run of sunny rather muggy, hot weather and I am so happy that we got the heat pump/air conditioner in last year! It is so nice to go out and do a few things in the garden and then be able to retreat to the comfortable temperature of the house. One big thing to be thankful for in my life right now.

This week, I am doing some sewing for my daughter and my sister-- a runner for a dresser that my daughter picked up at the second hand store, and curtains and valances for my sister's cafe. Pictures another day. I got the runner cut and pinned together with a backing, hence no pic yet, and the curtain fabric is hanging on the line.

So what else could I do but resort to a little creative fun? I'm justifying it because a friend asked if I had any bookmarks. I don't have any finished ones, but I did have a piece of painted canvas. I pulled out my box of fusible scraps and started cutting.

I will play a bit with the arrangement before ironing it all down and moving on to the fun part--some free motion stitching.

Then I'll cut it up!

While I was cutting, I glanced out at my raised bed and noticed that the beets were hanging parched over the side. I had to go out and do some watering.

I am using rain water from one of our 2 barrels that my husband set up.
I think the Swiss chard in the large pot is so pretty. I'm going to have to harvest soon and find some good recipes. I must see about freezing some.

I had to pick a few little flowers while I was about the watering, putting them in a glass salt shaker.

I caught this young chickadee in my fountain on the deck last night. They seem to like it more than the bigger bird bath in my garden.

They are so fun to watch!

There is so much going on out in my yard right now, I can hardly keep up. The sounds and songs of the birds, the gentle tinkle of the chimes, the changing light on the flowers and the garden as the day wanes. Much to tickle the senses and inspire creativity. I have to remember that and not get too frustrated that I can't bike or walk too far from the house due to the arthritis issues. I can at least get to the near part of the NB trail and I must be very thankful for that.

I over did yesterday (as I'm prone to do) and I'm going to try out a new massage place tonight to get some relief. I've been hearing a reports of studies on so many medications and their negative effects.

Oh darn, my husband just called and he has a flat out on the highway about 10 minutes away and its his mother's car. doesn't know oif there's a spare. I may have to go get him.

Gotta go!

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Sally Hurley said...

That chickadee looks ridiculous! How cute. Your garden looks great.