Sunday, July 5, 2015

Summer weekend

My son, his fiancé and two dogs were here for the weekend. We were lucky to get a nice day for the beach yesterday. The dogs love the water which according to my husband was lovely. I didn't get in, but did get out with Josee for a bit of a kayak.

While the boys went golfing, Josee, her mom and I finished off the day with a simple supper of salads and lobster rolls.

Now it feels like summer!

The kids and dogs left around noon. Later this afternoon, I went for a short bike ride, coming home with my usual collection of wildflowers. I always manage to find something that I've not seen before.

And hubby found a tiny nest when he cut a dead branch out of the honeysuckle hedge. Perhaps a goldfinch nest. They seem to always be flying out of there.

The tiny pinkish flower is new to me, and so far, I haven't found it in my reference book.

Tomorrow, I'm off to Moncton for a doctor's appointment. Afterwards, I'm going to PEI for the night to visit family-- planning to take my mom and daughter to lunch at my sister's cafe, The Thoughtful Squash. It's quite a unique place built in an old service station a short drive from Charlottetown and not far from the Trans Canada Trail. There's a real variety on the menu, gluten free, vegetarian, burgers made from meat butchered just up the road. Everything made from scratch. Pictures when I get back.



Eileen Gidman said...

The flower looks like an orchid. It reminds me of an elephant head orchid we have here in western Cananda although they are a brighter pink.

Threadpainter said...

That is a very interesting flower ... reminds me of Lily Of The Valley.
Thanks for the info, Ho;;y, re; your sister's restaurant ... my sister just started a tour of the Maritimes and she is celiac ... I have forwarded this to her ;)