Thursday, November 20, 2014

Microwave pot holders, a small watercolor

Have you seen the microwave pot holders circling the net recently? A few members of our guild have been sewing these at our Saturday sewing days.

I thought they might be useful but wasn't sure until my friend Alice said she was making a set for someone who wanted to use them to take to the table. I can see how I might use it when I take my dinner to the TV room! The ones I made fit my flattened bowls perfectly.

For most of the day I've been puttering- washing, finishing up odds and ends like the bowls, and  repairing clothing. It's a cold grey day. I admit that I stayed a little longer in my PJ's today while I sipped tea and worked at the crossword.
Still, I give myself a little creative time. I picked up the photos of a few scenes that interest me, yesterday and I started transferring one to a watercolor pad and I've laid in a pale wash for the water and sky.
It's truly an experiment for me because I have it in mind as a little gift for someone. Generally, I only do watercolors in my sketchbook as references for fabric art--never for framing on their own. I get too picky and tense with watercolors, but not so usually with my fiber art. Isn't that odd?

I got a few pictures of a little nuthatch that has been frequenting the suet cage on our deck. They are so sweet.
Happy Thursday! Tomorrow I plan to swim, go to lunch, and get a few errands done.


Eileen said...

We are enjoying learning what birds we have at our new home. The bird feeders got put up before the unpacking was done. We haven't seen a nuthatch yet.

Linda said...

Lovely creations, sweet bird.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Those little hot pads are perfect. I am always trying to find a pot holder or something to carry bowls from the microwave. Lovely to see your watercolor, too. I've been trying my hand at it. Sure is amazing to me the skill it takes to produce such beautiful work. Have a good day. Tammy