Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Birches ready for the batting and quilting

I have spent a quiet day in domestic pursuits while listening to the various radio programs with coverage of Remembrance Day ceremonies. I cleaned a bit, made 3 chicken noodle casseroles for the freezer, and started my healthy version of macaroni and cheese for supper--whole grain noodles, squash added to the cheesy white sauce, low fat cheese, and perhaps the addition of bok choy when I put together.

While things were cooking, I worked on these slippers that I'm making.

Once the bootee part is finished, there is a cable section that will get sewn onto the top, wrapping around the ankle. There are many versions and free patterns to be found on line if you google Drops Design slippers. I'm using this one called Little Red Riding Slippers.
In my studio this afternoon, I finished ( I think) the thread painting on the birches.
I've added the batting and a white cotton backing and now I have to decide exactly how much I will quilt.
Perhaps the foreground trees and the foreground rose hips. I'll get started another day and we'll see.

I'm linking to The Needle and Thread Network.

I'm also adding a link to the Sew Sisters Quilt shop for Blogathon Canada. It's always fun to find more Canadian bloggers!


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Gorgeous piece Holly...I was showing your video to a friend...she was quite amazed!!!

What Comes Next? said...

beautiful Holly! I love this birches piece!

Kate said...

Cute wool for your booties. I was looking at the pattern but managed to resist.

Anonymous said...

Oh Holly, my other Master! I watched your video last week and you inspired me to stitch my birches when I get to that stage! There is a woman in our quilt guild who is an amazing landscape quilter, similar to you. She has won a few National awards for her work and now she really wants to get guild members into quilting "outside" the lines. She is sharing her tips ans so far we have had two workshops. It is a process that I am truly liking. I had seen your work and I do get Quilting Arts and have seen your article. I really have enjoyed reading your blog. Oh...I live in the country and the bluejays and woodpeckers are our daily visitors, not to mention the chickadees. I'm waiting for a sunny day to take some of my annual pictures.

Threadpainter said...

Truly, a beautiful piece !

Marie said...

Such a beautiful piece - you do lovely work.