Saturday, November 8, 2014

Free motion rosehips branches

Yesterday, and into the night, another snowy nor'easter  blew through our region. A snowstorm at this time of year is not unusual but it usually melts quickly. A second within a week is more unusual.
As th3e sun moved into the sky we saw this sparkly view through the dining room window.
I admit I am not ready to let go of fall. I always enjoy the slow transition from the riotously bright leaves of early fall to the more subtle and varied grey and beige colors after the leaves have fallen. I love too the soft pinks hues that the landscapes and sky take on as fall deepens into winter.
So I was a bit begrudging of this morning's beauty at first but then accepting that I really have to practice living in the moment, I had to put aside thoughts of fall and stop to admire this typically wintry vista..
It wasn't long before the wind and sun cleaned the branches.

I caught this bluejay at the feeder and heated bird bath at midday. Even if a bit raucous and bullying, one must appreciate their beauty.


This afternoon, I spent a couple more hours in my sewing studio reworking (again) my plans on the rose-hips. It's really very good that I spend only an hour or two each day. IA piece needs to rest and be viewed with fresh eyes. Even away from a piece, I will think about it and make changes and decisions in my mind.
And so I returned to the birches today with the idea that I would use thread painting for the rose hip branches. Last night it struck me that the fabric pieces for the branches seemed too large and cutting them thinner not so easy.
I did some preliminary stitching with burgundy and red to locate some branches. Then I've started to lay on some leaves and berries.
The next step will be to stitch down the leaves which are pinned on at the moment. I'll add more branches atop them and add shadows, highlights, etc to the berries.

I so wish I could purchase thread in the weights and colors that I need nearby. Sadly, even when I travel to a couple of other NB cities later this month, I will not find what I want. I shall have to make do with what I have and look into ordering some.

I'm off now to start the dough for homemade pizza.


Jennifer Scantlebury Vienneau said...

I really like this design decision, Holly! The red fabric branches were overwhelming, but now they are an integral part of the whole piece. It's fun watching your process! Thanks for sharing!

Mystic Quilter said...

Your birches piece is coming along so beautifully. We have a silver birch in or garden and the trunk is exactly like your fabric ones. Love the blue jay!

Mereknits said...

I keep thinking you are done with your project and then you add more layers and I see that it is even more amazing. Hugs,

Soonymary said...

beautiful! love seeing what you are doing and where you live.