Monday, November 18, 2013

Productive Monday

I'm feeling much better today. I took my machine back to the store. I have not taken money back yet but can if I want. I am waiting until after a workshop being given on another machine by the Pfaff rep which is in less than two weeks. I think I've also decided to make the one hour trip to a Janome dealer this week with an assortment of my threads in tow. I'm going to see how they work. I do own the mini Jem Gold and like it.
Also, this morning, I vacuumed, did some wash, made muffins, and delivered some used clothing while I was out.
This afternoon, I sat down to my trusty machine and free motion quilted shells on a current project. How relaxing when it works. There were no broken threads the whole time, just smooth stitching.
The only reason that I wanted a new machine was to get some of the fancier stitches. I can afford to wait and make sure the next one will do what I want.
Now for some hand stitching time. I've some bindings to stitch down.
Happy Monday!


Wendy said...

Want me to recommend a sewing machine?
Just kidding of course, but it is disturbing to spend so much on a new machine and then have problems. I find most of the time it is user error, mostly because the machines are so touchy now and so specialized. Hope the workshop with the rep helps solve the problem.

Debra Kay Neiman said...

Glad to meet our Canadian quilters. Thanks. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

Chris R said...

Did you machine quilt on the Jem Gold? What was(or is) the new machine? I was wondering about a new machine too.