Monday, November 25, 2013

Mono printed and stitched zippered pouch and bookmark

Oh my what a frigid windy day we are having again! I did a few errands this morning and decided it is too windy for a walk. I've had to resort to my exercise bike and my Zumba DVDs for the last several days. Milder but messier weather is coming. Hopefully, I'll be able to get out soon.
This afternoon, I fused a backing to the canvas bookmark and added a zig zag border. I also went over it with a coat of matte medium. These little items are labour intensive but fun for gifts!

I sewed a lining and a zipper into this little bag. Usually, I sew across the corners on the bottom but opted to leave it flat this time.
It would fit sewing supplies or would be good for a sketchbook and some drawing/painting supplies.

Now, all that remains is to add the zipper tab and top stitch around the outside.

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