Sunday, November 17, 2013


I've been a little thin on the blog posts for two reasons. One is that I'm trying to finish up a few Christmas presents which I can't show. The second reason is my new sewing machine is still not cooperating. I thought I might have worked it out but, not so. Regular sewing seemed to be ok; however, free motion quilting continues to be a problem.
I thought it was better after I talked to the rep and got the right needles. I'd be free motion quilting when all of a sudden the thread would start breaking or the tension would go whacky.
This morning I got fed up and pulled out my old machine. After picking out the stitching I had a go and stitched this whole piece, no problems on my old machine.

I got the directions for this from Alicia Burke's site under her tutorials.
Now I have to see what to do about the machine. I hate confrontations! Once I started stitching on a machine that behaves, I could see that something was wrong.

Today is my husbands birthday and he's going out to the golf course for a couple of hours. It's freezing and the pins are all taken out, the crazy man. Probably the ladt day though.
I've made minestrone soup for supper which we'll have with his favourite lemon meringue pie. No, I didn't make it. I rationalize that if I make it, it' s a large pie, where as if I buy it from the bakery, it's smaller.
I hope upright Sunday is going well. I'm trying to talk myself into going for a walk in the damp cold.


imquilternity said...

Good luck with your machine. It sounds as though it needs to be returned to the seller - either for your money back or for a thorough examination to determine what is not functioning properly. I had the same problem with my Bernina when it was brand new and the seller finally replaced it with another new one. Sometimes, you just get a "lemon." It happened with one of my cars too - and that ended up being replaced with one 3 years newer.

barbara woods said...

tell hubby happy birthday! what kind of machine did you buy? i am looking to buy me a quilting machine.

Anonymous said...

No sure if my other comment worked so I'll try again just in case! I love what you've made with the printed fabric, I keep meaning to try making some of those little fabric pots :) I hope that you manage to get your machine sorted soon, it's very frustrating when they're not working properly :(

elle said...

That is frustrating. Nina was giving problems and I sent her in and she had a terrible snarl in her innards. Not your problem but there is some reason and as we are not novice sewers it is good to pursue the problem to a resolution.

Eileen said...

That fabric you created fascinates me. I admire that you used it right away.