Sunday, November 3, 2013

A walk at Daley Point

Being a sunny but chilly 2C today, we bundled up for a walk at a local bird sanctuary after we did one yard job (trimming a pine tree).
There was a nippy wind but it was warm enough once we got walking and were protected in the footpaths. There are several very pretty birch stands and I love the red of the rose hips in front of them.
In some sunny spots the rose hips were glowing.
In many places most of the colorful leaves have fallen to the ground and faded already.
I guess that's what makes these brilliant reds stand out so much. There are so few and against the starker greys and whites they're stunning!
Still, I found the greys and silvers of the birches with the Pearly Everlasting which has gone to seed quite enchanting.

Even the softer colors of the marsh and the lacy leafless trees are pretty this time of year.

All of these would be lovely done in fiber art! I need to get some of my current pieces along with my Christmas projects done so I can try one.
I hope you're enjoying your Sunday, gettig some fresh air and relaxing.
What do you like to do Sundays this time of year?


Kitchener Quilter said...

Love your fall photos. The would make great art pieces. It is sunny out today here, so we've done some yard clean up, and had a good walk with the dog. Love being outside this time of year, but I admit I've been sewing a lot today. The usual Sunday stuff. said...

pretty pretty!!! : ) There's snow all around the province here except where we are - it's been raining since lastnight!

happy autumn : )

elle said...

Nice scenes. All week is busy so Sunday after lunch I just like to find a soft spot, a quilt and a book!

Gillian said...

There is something so magical about a forest of beech trees, isn't there? Our autumn Sundays usually revolve around a walk somewhere, homework, crafting, ironing, and lots of eating. x

Caroline Heinrichs said...

Hi Holly,
Thanks for commenting on my FF at TN&TN! I didn't know we had a page to list all the featured blogs I would have said hello alot earlier than this if I had known.
I would love to know how to make a button, maybe you can do a post on it?
These are lovely scenes, I know where they'll end up in your stitches!