Thursday, August 19, 2010

survives the endoscopy

Well, I opted for the drug plan and the endoscopy was easy. However, the doctor announced that my throat was narrow and he proceeded to insert a contraption to stretch it. That was uncomfortable for a bit and I've got a sore throat like nothing I've ever had before; I've been taking pain meds every few hours and it's difficult to anything more than mush. My favorite mantra lately is,"This too shall pass". This doctor doesn't come to see you after the test; i was given a prescription (not knowing for exactly what) and sent home. So, upon checking it out on line I find out it has an interaction with another of my problems and i shouldn't take. the pharmacist agreed, but the doctor's receptionist advised that I will have to wait the 5 weeks until my next appointment with the doctor. I've done a little research on the condition the drug is for, so I have a little more insight into how to eat at least, but this waiting is frustrating!

OK, I got that out! Here is a picture of the shoe bag on which I altered 3 of the single 
pockets to make them double. I added a button to cover the tuck and did a buttonhole stitch over the seam. It sure cleaned up the back of the door and it has room for lots of stuff.

This is a quick pen sketch that I did of Swiss chard form my garden just before I cooked it. There was a very good article in the latest Quilting Arts about taking simple line drawings of everyday items and transforming them into semi abstract and colorful quilted pieces. It was called 'finding your unique design' by Terry White. I found it very instructive and inspiring and would like to try it out. I'm going to be on the look out for some things to draw that would be fun to work with in fabric.

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