Tuesday, August 24, 2010

down day

I've decided to spend this day cleaning, sorting and finishing odd jobs like my front door. I will not be doing a whole lot of creating or sewing this week as I need to make some space in my small home. This is the new color of my front with one final coat to go on this morning.

Yesterday, at 6:30 AM we watched our daughter take off in a little plane on the first leg of a journey that will take her more that halfway around the world to South Korea where she will be teaching. We then made the 3 hour trip home with 2 cars loaded up with everything she was leaving behind. My drawing and painting space downstairs now looks like a messy storage room. I am planning to spend this week sorting and pricing for a yard sale and trying to find a space for the boxes that are 'keepers'.
I am really beginning to get into the world of texting as all my children and my husband have blackberries, and so they are able to text at no cost. At every landing on her way to Seattle yesterday--Montreal and Vancouver-- my daughter texted us about her trip. Finally, when she reached Seattle where she is doing some training before leaving for Seoul on Wednesday, we texted back and forth for a couple hours while she went for dinner and then a walk. What a world!
 So, I think you will understand why there won't be too many creative pictures going up this week. I have this one picture to show of these snowman pillow wraps (Thimbleberry pattern) that I cut and fused the other day as a  start on some Christmas gifts.

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Lana C. said...

Wow - your daughter is on her way to a grand adventure!!! Even though I sometimes curse electronics, I look at situations such as your daughter traveling a good distance away and am so relieved we have the option for that kind of continued closeness. I guess we remember the times when we didn't have those options. How did we survive?? Being the "daughter" made it easier; HAVING the daughter is a bit different. I have two grown daughters. Through them, I've keep trying to embrace the electronics. By the way...Your door is looking good!!!! Lana C. www.FindingLana.blogspot.com