Tuesday, August 17, 2010

happiness is...an endoscopy!

As I mentioned in my last post, there may not be much sewing going on here in the next little while. Things have gotten busier since then too. I had a call yesterday for a cancellation of an endoscopy tomorrow morning, and I quite happily accepted. It's hard to believe that a person could be anxious to do something like that, but you just get to a point where you are so tired of the pain that you'll do anything.
Yesterday, I hung up my little tree house from my son, and put my little pottery gnomes from Branch Designs underneath it. It makes me smile.
 In  place of my morning exercise, I sanded some spots on this exterior door and painted the inside of it white. Today I have sanded the outside and I'm shortly going to paint it. The burgundy color is really faded and we surely need a new door which is not in the budget at the moment, so I'm painting. I felt the need for a change of color and since our house is white with green shutters, I'm limited. Also, I had to buy Tremclad rust paint and there aren't many options in that. I'm going to try what I hope will be a nice gold color; I haven't opened the can yet.
 While paint supply shopping last night, I found this shoe bag hanging. I've been looking for one for a while for the back of the closet door in my sewing room. There are just too many hooks on it with all manner of stuff hanging there. My plan is to cut a few pockets open and resew then too make them double size. I saw a very colorful one on someone's blog (sorry I can't remember) that  she made herself. I considered it, but just don't have the time and patience right now. I believe I'll try to 'fancy' this one up some though. I'll let you know how it works and take pictures once it's up.

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Lana said...


I saw your blog thru another blog-friend's site. I also have Addison's Disease - began as Secondary as well, then all shut down. It sure appears that a pre-requisite to having Addison's is to have an Artistic, Nature-Loving Mindset. Humming birds are a favorite of mine as well AND I kayak, sew, sculpt, etc. Weird. All of us connecting is pretty cool. I hope all your tests go well...Lana C. and I'm at www.findinglana.blogspot.com