Tuesday, August 3, 2010

saw 3 out of 4 atlantic provinces

I realized on our drive home that we wove our way from New Brunswick to PEI, back to New Brunswick, then Nova Scotia and  11 days later, back to NB. In PEI we had a potluck picnic on my brother's cottage deck and I managed to see 7 nieces and nephews, 1 grand nephew, 3 brothers, 1 sister, the spouses, and my mother and her husband. It was wonderful a wonderful at the beach and of course we had lots of good Island seafood and fresh vegetables.
I showed a couple of landscape pictures in my last post and I saved this one for the fabric and yarn purchases, as well as a gift (belated Mother's Day) that I received from my son and his partner which I just love. It is carved from a tree; you can still see some of the bark. Isn't it sweet? It was purchased from one of my favorite spots- the Lahave bakery and cafe which also houses a craft shop downstairs. The food there is tasty and wholesome- lots of hearty breads, soups and lovely deserts. This carving is about 12 inches long. I haven't yet decided where it will reside.

In Nova Scotia, I visited 2 yarn stores- the Loop Craft Cafe in Halifax and another in Mahone Bay called Have a Yarn where I purchased 2 balls of a beautiful hand dyed Merino wool and one ball of a silk cotton mix.

 At Suttles and Seawinds in Mahone bay I bought these fabrics:

I wanted to do more sketching outside but time and weather didn't always cooperate. Here's a little one of a dragonfly that  I did inside the cottage in PEI on a rainy day. My husband found him on the front grill of the car, which explains its crookedness. The funny thing is that when we got home to Bathurst and went out to the beach  to visit my husband's parents, my mother-in-law had saved me a perfect one that she found on her deck.
Finally, I can't resist showing a couple more photos. This is one of the harbor in Malpeque bay, PEI. We rode there on our bicycles and ate lunch there one day. I did a small sketch there, but it was so hot that I wrapped it up quickly, so it's not quite finished.

I'll be reliving this vacation many times until next year.

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