Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring reveal

Today, just by my front walkway where the snow is quickly receding, I found and picked these balloon flower husks. I grabbbed my new Moleskine sketchbook and my little travel pack watercolor kit, stretched out on the sofa, and did this little sketch. I was so happy to be inspired to start a new page in my sketchbook only to discover that I had done it on the last page and upside down. Oh well.

I had a re-check at the hospital yesterday for my lung function and the doctor this time was quite knowledgeable about Addison's disease. The lung function test showed no improvement; he advised me to take more prednisone, and if I'm not better by Sunday they will admit me for an IV. I keep thinking I feel better in the morning and then I crash. He did tell me to try a 20 min walk; instead I went to the salt water pool and whirlpool at a spa 5 min from my house. I did a little paddling around with some belly breathing and soaked in the hot tub. Afterward, at home, I made I quick lunch and promptly fell asleep. Later I started wheezing again.

I stayed stretched out on the sofa and did the final touches to the little sewing kit. I realized that I forgot to sew in a ribbon to tie it closed, so I will probably add a button or snap closure. I have a tiny bit of blanket stitch on the wool felt pages.

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Wendy said...

coming along nicely. Every little bit changes things. Love the button!...and the sketch too!
Hope you don't need to be admitted to hosp.