Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Breathing is Work

I didn't even do much hand quilting today...spent 5 hours at the hospital. At least I don't have pneumonia. I've doubled my prednisone and am using 2 puffers as well, but to-night I'm not comfortable at all. My chest is tight and my breathing is difficult.
As an attempt to relax, I had a warm bath and after in my studio, I played a book on CD, The Lacuna, for a little while. I did this little doodle which is quite odd and as you can see, I can't quite figure out which way it goes. I'm to be off work til Monday; I sure hope this improves soon.


Wendy said...

hmmm if you turn the top toward the right and look at it that way, it looks like very snobby high society lady fish decked out in their spring finery...oh it is a scary thing the way the mind works.

Wendy said...

lets try this again...just a test Holly.

Exuberant Color said...

The doodle looks like spring to me, light and airy.