Monday, March 22, 2010

Foam Stamps, Sweaters and Mail

I'm off work still for this week, but I'm coming along. Since I've been doing a lot of sitting, I did knit a baby sweater as well. I'm not quite finished sewing all the seams. Little sweaters are so fun!
Isn't it funny how when you're home it's almost exciting to check your mailbox each day? I was so excited today to find a little parcel in mine! It is a set of frig magnets that I ordered from one of my favorite bloggers, Jennifer Judd-McGee.

I am continually amazed at the thoughtfulness of artists and quilters who blog. You can see in the picture below the little extras that she included in the package.
Melanie Testa, (her blog is on my sidebar) who wrote the book Inspired to Quilt has gotten me started in cutting out foam stamps for my art quilts. I have used foam for stamping for a long time actually but I've never mounted them as she has on Plexiglas. This is a perfect little project for the sofa as well. I haven't mounted them yet, nor are they all done. She is right it is addictive! I have more ideas and I can't wait to be able to have the energy to try them out on fabric.

Finally, on the weekend,I put the finishing touches
on my little sewing case. I added lots of little details, and it was fun to do.

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imquilternity said...'ve been busy with some very lovely projects! LOVE the baby sweater!