Monday, March 8, 2010

Chest Cold and Slow Stitching

I'm home from work today as the cold is in my chest. While I'm not exactly happy about it-- I always worry about bronchitis or pneumonia with my lungs-- I can at least curl up in my sewing room with some hand stitching. The picture at left is a detail of some hand quilting. I have moved out into the corners of the tone-on-tone with navy Perle cotton thread to do 4 lighthouses. I got the idea for this from the book called Quilt & Embellish in One Step by Laura Potter. To see more details of the book check it out in my sidebar in Good Reads.
I'm trying to decide what to do next. One thought is to do a machine quilted motif, perhaps waves and fish. Another one is to do just water or perhaps scallop shells. Do I hand quilt or is it OK to mix in machine quilting?

Here's a mono print I did the other day using my Inktense pencils and a water spritzer. I drew with the pencils on a piece of primed wood, spritzed with water, laid the white cotton on top, spritzed it some more and rubbed. Hang it to dry. I'm using it for a journal exchange project.

Here is a little peak of part of the finished project. I want to keep the rest hidden until we reveal at the exchange.

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Wendy said...

Love the lighthouse. I think I would quilt radiating lines of light from the lighthouse...after all that's what lighthouses do...emit light. maybe even audition a yellow perle cotton. I think it would still a "geometric" feel to it, like much of the quilt. I am not sure I would put any machine quilting with this one. It may steal the show.
Scallops would be a good idea at the base of the lighthouse or in the borders..almost reminicent of rocks; again condusive to lighthouses.
Enjoy your extended vacation...drink lots of hot lemon and honey.