Friday, June 26, 2020

Flying geese block and the garden

I’ve been neglecting my blog because I’ve been feeling apathetic and completely uninspired. Besides all that’s happening in the world, I have some health challenges that I’ve been talking to doctors about and running for test. Nothing alarming but really aggravating. My limbs and arms have been covered with hives every day for months, some worse than others, and I’ve got a shortness of breath that doesn’t seem to respond to puffers or be related to asthma. 
We’ve had a heatwave here the last couple of weeks so it’s been to uncomfortable me to garden or sit out on the deck.

The picture above is of a planter I made in a vintage church pendulum light from which my husband removed all the electrical parts.

The gardens are starting to fill out and come into flower.

The birds really enjoy the various birdbaths, especially in this very dry time. We really need a good rain.

Ideas for some fiber art have been floating around in my mind but I’ve been taking so many antihistamines that I struggle to capture and hold a thought. One lunch time this week, I attempted a simple sketch of flowers from my garden and gave up when I couldn’t seem to focus on a line.

However, I’ve been knitting, no brainer stuff, and I finished 2 quilt tops that I’ll soon send for quilting. 
For a while, since watching you tube videos from Kate at the Last Homely House, I’ve been thinking about the flying geese quilt that she did. So a couple days ago needing something simple to distract me, I started cutting fabrics from my stash.

Next time, I’ll try for a better photo. I’m enjoying the block. I’ll just keep going until I’m tired of it. 
And I’ll get pics of the 2 quilt tops I finished, the Woodland Animals in turquoise and the Majestic Mountains.
How have you all been coping?

Wishing you a nice weekend!

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