Sunday, March 31, 2019

Signs of spring

This has been a rough winter for me. It seems like I’ve been resting and recouperating a lot! Gord and I have bothe been sick with a cough, sinus and bad chest cold for the better part of the last two weeks. I’d begun to wonder when I’d get back to my Bernini again. We’ve been both using sinus rinse and drinking green tea with lemon and honey all weekend and taking it easy. I’ve actually been watching some daytime tv and knitting.
Our knitting group has been making little teddies (this one is bigger because of the yarn) for the fire fighters and the hospital.

And later this week I managed a little ‘regular! Sewing, making a couple zippered bags from the vinyl backed fabric. I need a gift this week so I’ll use one and put a couple things in it.

After lunch today I finally made it back to my chickadee piece, finishing up a couple little details and doing some of the quilting. I actually spent some earlier with my tea printing out some other versions of the chickadees feeding from my hand, trying to get the size right for another small piece. I’ve been commissioned.

I’m almost done the quilting and I’ve chosen a binding. Perhaps I will add a few beads or a wee bit of hand stitching.

I’ve been doing a little whining lately about the snow here; all the pretty on line pictures of more southerly springs make me envious! This afternoon when I parted my lace shears in the studio, I noticed that my little orchid had bloomed. Do you notice the snow! It’s melting though. The driveway and roads are bare and we’ve lost at least a foot.

The orchid in my dining area is also in bloom.

My son who lives 4hrs away in southern NB is out hiking with his partner and their dogs today and sent me pics.

Isn’t it beautiful!

Another hopeful sign of spring here is the return of the birds. We had a pair of mourning doves in the apple tree this week. 


PaintedThread said...

I've loved watching the chickadee quilt coming together. Just so impressive!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Your chickadee quilt always makes me smile - they're my favourite birds. And those orchids - lucky you! Several years ago I was given a mini-orchid and it's still growing, but has never flowered. Someone told me that I shouldn't have cut off the flower stem once it finished blooming but I don't know if that's true. I can't bring myself to throw it out and keep hoping it will bloom again.