Thursday, December 20, 2018

Stitching, crocheting and Christmas preparations

This year, I’ve really scaled back on Christmas activities and preparations. I think I might be suffering from a ‘perfect storm’ of ailments  rendering me exhausted. This morning occupational therapy made this brace for me and I was told to give it a complete rest. It’s my right arm and I’m right handed! It’s going to seriously hamper my stitching and sewing which were already cut back. I’m doing some of this:

It could be worse, I try to tell myself to keep my spirits up,  but not always easy.
I’m having only my son and his wife for Christmas Eve and day. They are vegetarian so no turkey. I’m doing easy stuff, a soup, cheeses, olives, baguettes and a main dish as yet undecided. Maybe filo with feta and spinach. We will go to PEI to see the grandson and family later in the week.

Yesterday, I made a gingerbread cake with cranberries and butterscotch sauce which I will freeze for Christmas dinner. Of course we did a taste test! It is a delicious , moist recipe.

I’ve been working here and there in my studio only in shorter lengths of time. I’m pleased with where I think I’m going with the seed pod.

The smaller pod top left is only resting there and will move. I’m glad I got it to this stage as my mind will rest easier . I’m not completely sure exactly how I’ll finish but have an idea.

When I want some no brainer playtime I’ve been playing with the ‘scrap box’ piece. It’s also near to finishing and will also cause no angst to sit.

I suffered through finishing this double stranded very heavy waffle stitch  afghan because it’s a Christmas gift. I love it so much if it wasn’t for my daughter, I’d be tempted to keep it. When my arm is better I will use leftovers in a different is so weighty and warm.

I put together this small table topper (about 10 by 15”) to fit my small kitchen table in between the placemats. My machine was acting up while stitching the appliqués on so I left it and put it on the table as is, lol. No stress.

I’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas, happy holidays or whatever suits! I’m going to be taking some time off here until I do can some healing and I’m able to create again.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

So sorry you have an 'ouch' going on that is hampering all the things you love to do. I'm sure you will be forgiven if your Christmas doings are much restricted this year. Take care of you!!

PaintedThread said...

That afghan looks lovely - I can see why you'd want to keep it! I hope you are feeling more energetic when spend time with family!

Mystic Quilter said...

Sorry to see and read about your hand! So very difficult when it's your dominant hand that's out of action. It's good that you were able to make your delicious looking cake, perhaps one day you would let me hav e the recipe Holly?
The seed pod is such a beautiful colour, when you can use your hand again I'd love to know the size of the piece.
Enjoy your enforced break, hope it helps your hand settle down and you can soon be back creating!
Happy Christmas!!

Margaret said...

Sending you blessings for Christmas and for a steady improvement in your health as we enter 2019. I too like the seed pod, and the afghan is beautiful. I don't crochet; that stitch looks amazing! I am also impressed that you type out and post a blog...virtually single-handed. ;-) A hug across the miles...