Saturday, June 2, 2018

Back in my studio

This is the longest break I’ve had in posting since I began my blog. Life has been really happening. Besides my mother who we recently moved into assisted living, both of my husband’s parents have suddenly had serious health issues involving round the clock help. We’ve been very busy. 

Meanwhile, the weather is warming, things are greening and I’ve also been spending some time cleaning, mulching and planting in my garden.

I’ve got a few things up in the raised bed which I can view form my studio. The lilacs are just opening and we have chickadees nesting in the birdhouse on the pole near the back of the yard. Things are changing everyday; I love watching all the different flowers and blossoms opening. 

I’ve finally gotten the top of the Cascades baby quilt finished. It needs trimming—finished should measure about 38” by 48”, a pretty good size. I will leave the quilting until later as I need a gift for a new baby.

I do have some art pieces to finish up and lots of ideas for new work but there is too much going on right now. I am happy to continue working on UFO’s. With my new studio cupboards all organized, it’s easy to see all my fabric and projects and I’m inspired to get more things done. This is a section of selvedge edges that I’d started to make a cover for the back of my computer chair.

It needs batting and some quilting before I’ll make a simple slipcover for the chair back.

Our Northstar Quilt Guild has a show going on this weekend which I’ve not helped with. I did pop in for viewing quilts yesterday and spent some time and money in the shops. I ordered a cute pattern for a gnome quilt and bought more batiks for the Majestic Mountain quilt that I’m making.  I didn’t even get pics. There are so many beautiful quilts and displays and even a bed turning. I think it has been well attended. 

I contributed a lap size Hallowe’en quilt, one piece of fiber art and this Twister bag.


Dolores said...

I too have been absent from my blog because of 'life.' But I have been travelling and busy elsewhere. I plan on getting back in the groove soon.

Robbie said...

Still looks like you have been very productive!!! So hard to deal with parents and their issues...guess that is what we have to do and will do so lovingly!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I love your choices of fabrics for the Cascades baby quilt top. I have that book too and want to play with a couple of the designs.

I have been through the parents needing help stage and know how time consuming it is. I know that they appreciate it is family helping them though and you wouldn't want it to be any other way.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I well understand how it is to be dealing with health issues with parents. It certainly doesn't make your life easy at times. Hopefully you can continue to find some time to enjoy your creative pursuits.

PaintedThread said...

Your projects are beautiful. I'm sorry you've been dealing with so many health issues. I hope all calms down soon.

Mystic Quilter said...

Sorry to hear about the health problems for you family, hope things are a little easier for you now.
What a wonderful Cascade quilt, love the touch of the peachy coral towards the top.

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