Friday, June 9, 2017

Stitching gossamer wings

Since it's a bit grey and damp outside this afternoon, bringing the flies out, I decided to stay inside. I put together a binding for a baby quilt, intending to sew it on; however, so ething else was calling to me. I have been addding dragonflies, bees and other bugs to some of my flowered textile pieces for a long time. The first ones had appliqued bodies and wings stitched directly onto the piece. Gradually, I've experimented with 3 D dragonflies making the bodies by wrapping yarn over wire and stitching wings with various shear fabrics plus angelina fibers. These were made in this manner. I added a layer of water soluable clear stabilizer which I rinsed out leaving a bit for stiffness. The same process was used in the bee's wings.
And here for the dragonfly wings.
I'm happy with the body but I'm still experimenting on the wings. Today, I cut 2 pieces of synthetic organza and a layer of Misty Fuse to fit in between. Then using a pressing sheet I spread out a very thin layer of Angelina fibres to fit the hoop size. It comes out of the bag in strands which can be teased apart and arranged in any shape or size and density.
Once ironed between layers of a pressing sheet it becomes solid.
Next, I sandwiched this between the 2 layers of organza along with the Misty Fuse. The Angelina is so thin that the Misty Fuse would meld all pieces together.  Then, hooped it and picked some fine thread to stitch with.
For reference, i have a dried dragonfly in a baggie.
These may  be a little flimsy without the stabilizer, so I may have to experiment a bit to get more stiffness. Maybe a coating of white glue which dries clear. A little creativity is needed in a day! I hope you've been having some too in whatever you like to do -- sewing, knitting, needlework, sketching, printing, or maybe even cooking. Have a great weekend!


Mereknits said...

Beautiful work Holly.

PaintedThread said...

So very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your technique. The wings are so delicate.