Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Hand stitching a monoprint

I haven't been here as much as is usual for me. Its a combination of better weather and being able to get a few things done in the yard, getting ready for a workshop next week and stitching on a baby quilt. In this pic all the little blocks are laid out.
I'm currently part way through getting some rows together. I've been experimenting with a few different stamp techniques. This one is made with aluminum tape added to craft foam and drawn into.
I don't think the end result is any different than plain craft foam. It may be more durable but you're limited to the size of the tape. This afternoon after getting back from a hospital appoinment- a mammagram which got cancelled part way due to machine malfunction-- I needed something a little creative. I chose a monoprint that i thought would work with hand stitching. Participants in my workshop won't have sewing machines. If time permits, we'll start stitching on one of their prints. 
I enjoy hand stitching; its relaxing; however, I  can't do it as long as I once could because of arthritis. Its fun to do little projects.
I always like a little splash of color.
 I can hardly believe our grandson turned 5 months!
Im hoping your week is going well. Happy Wednesday!


Robbie said...

Really like your hand stitching project. I agree with the amount of time our hands will work for us! (I have RA/arthritis/and now a tendon issues that needs surgery! UGH)...but we plow on don't we. Lovely piece!

Anonymous said...

Hand stitching is relaxing and I love where you're going with your piece. The baby quilt is lovely.