Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thread painting

I love that I have a sewing studio that I can leave my work set up in--sometimes still with the sewing machine needle in it-- and that I can walk in at any time to do a little stitching. I also love free motion stitching and even a few minutes is satisfying.

Working on two versions of a scene is good too. I'm seeing the advantages in switching from one to the other without the need to change thread colors.

I have translated a little organizational tool learned from a friend ( thanks Sue) into keeping my threads for the current project corralled. I purchased a bunch to use in a shallow drawer for sorting thread by color. The extras bins are great to take matching colors for the current project to the machine. I used to have them rolling around on the top of the cabinet and of course falling off, dah.

Before Christmas, I purchased some solar powered colored lights and used them on my branches that are tied to the back deck. As the days grow longer, the lights are staying on longer--currently until nearly close to 10PM. It is such a pretty view.

I was greeted by this sight of the same view this morning.

And here's my birdie pic of the day.


Linda H said...

Your two scenes are coming along nicely. Love the solar lights, and that last shot is amazing!! "Coming in for a landing!"

Mereknits said...

Beautiful stitching Holly, Love the idea of the solar powered lights.