Thursday, November 1, 2018

Last details on Nfld cliffs

My goal this morning, back permitting, was to get the bits of thread painted details done, the border quilted, and the backing and binding I cut on my Nfld cliffs. I did it with a break in between to meet my husband for a quick lunch and to stop at the grocery store. I’m still feeling pretty stiff with a big pressure on my lower spine but if I sit correctly in my computer chair, it’s ok.

I’m audioning the light brown fabric on the left for the binding. I think it works.

The other thing I did this morning was to rotary cut with the wavy blade snippets of yellows and golds to make leaf lace, something I learned at a Laurie Swim workshop and often use.

The bits are laid out on Saran Cling Plus over a hoop and sandwiched with a second layer of Saran.

At the machine I use free motion stippling over the whole thing being careful to catch all the bits.

Once done, it gets ironed in between newsprint until the plastic has all melted away.

I’m preparing this to use on my newest  piece.

As I write this, I’m sitting legs up with the heating pad behind my back. I may pick up some crocheting while I rest.

I’m making an Afghan for my daughter in her colors and I’m sampling 2 different patterns to what I like. No decisions yet, lol. The first pattern is easier but harder on the fingers.


Robbie said...

Cliff quilt is looking great!!!! Hope your back is better...ugh...hate when my back goes out!!!! Take care!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Sitting correctly does make a difference but one has to convince the brain to remind us to do it. I haven't tried using Saran for that particular process but I plan to! So much cheaper than using that wash away 'stuff'. One question the fabric you're using coloured on the back as well as the front? I tried doing this to make some trees for one of my landscapes and the fact that the greens I used had white-ish backs made it look dreadful. I had to re-do it and make sure I turned every little bit of the fabric pieces right side up (slightly shows how anal I can