Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Snipping fusible branches and leaves

My day did not go exactly as planned as can happen sometimes. Even though it’s a damp grey day, it wasn’t raining and there was little wind so I decided I’d go for a walk on the trail around 11. I wanted to get a little cleaning done — our back entrance was looking pretty shabby. I vacuumed, shook the mat, and cleaned the metal sill, cleaning in all the grooves of the screen door. With a tooth brush.  Happily, I got that part done before my back went into a spasm.

I got myself to my bed with the heating pad. After that I stretched out on the sofa for a while until I decided I needed to eat! It wasn’t easy but I managed a sandwich. A little more heat and some meds enabled me to sit in my studio in the computer chair and do some cutting at my counter. It sthe kind of thing that makes you want to lay flat all day. The pain is terrible when I try to get up but moving around helps a little to loosen up even if it hurts.

Would you believe that I spent almost 2 hours cutting all the little pieces for the background trees on the top right? The mess looks pretty contained there on my counter but you should see the floor!

It did my time also include ironing fusible to the back of the small pieces needed for foliage.

There’s more cutting to be done for trees and foliage at the top before I can move on to the rock.

On the weekend, I took the side borders off the Nfld rocky coastline, straightened the sides which had drawn in by cutting them and then put the borders back on. I added the stiff fusible as well even though it’s nearly finished. I wanted to add the final touch ups today but life gets in the way sometimes.

Thank goodness hubby managed dinner tonight. I had salmon steaks for the barbecue and veggies were easy. We’ll see how the night goes. I’m hoping to be able to move tomorrow.


Angela said...

I hope you are feeling better soon! Gorgeous piece!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Back spasms - far too common in my life too. So sorry you're hurting and hope it rights itself soon. Looking forward to watching the progress on your rock project!

Margaret said...

Hoping by now you're feeling much better! Your work is lovely -- such tiny bits and pieces! (and yes, I can imagine the state of your floor when you'd finished!) ;-)