Thursday, October 18, 2018

Thread painting a rocky cliff

This afternoon, I had only a snippet of time to do a little stitching as our guild retreat is tomorrow and I needed to stop and finish packing. I finished the water except for the whit frothy areas which I can’t wait to get to!

I added a few highlights on the rocks. All that remains are a few more dark lines and areas and then the white water.

I stopped, covered up my baby and put my ironing board away.

All the while I’m thinking about my next piece. I had though about doing another Nfld view from our trip. It was so awe inspiring with all this craggy cliffs and turquoise waters. For some time though I’ve wanted to do a view from one of our local trail.

I’m doing the above view but will also use this view as color reference.

I’ve done the black and white outline which I will cut up and photocopy and enlarge.

I’m off to retreat starting tomorrow morning until Sunday. Have a great weekend!

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Robbie said...

Look forward to your progress on this newest piece!!! Your rocky cliff is beautiful!!!