Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Wintry blast — studio time

Since last post I’ve been away to Nova Scotia to the SAQA Atlantic retreat. It was professionally informative- there was a presentation about CVs and grant applications - and it was artistically inspiring. 

Yesterday, we had our first real winter storm and today it is terribly cold and gusty, definitely a good studio day.

 The rock cliff that I’m working on is quite large for me so I’m taking it section by section. My goal today was to finish cutting the bits for the right hand background and to lightly press that section together.

I’m audioning the confetti foliage that I made as well as two different tulles over top which I think may gray the background a little and thus serve to make it recede.

With the piece up on my design wall, I work sitting in my computer chair using small scissors to cut and tweezers to place the pieces.

While away, I picked up a small glass sculpture at a craft show and I planted one of my orchids in it using moss to contain the soil. It sits on the window ledge in my studio.

This is a crocheted waffle stitch Afghan that I’m doing using double strands of worsted weight yarn.  My daughter wanted heavy.

Finally, at my lunch times I’m still exploring one of my favourite fall and winter shapes - seed heads. These are columbine.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

We don't have quite as much snow here, but today was definitely chilly. Very glad to stay home and play in my sewing space! Finished one project and almost finished another - yay!

Mystic Quilter said...

You certainly look to have a good amount of the white stuff outside your window.
The piece of batik (I'm assuming it is batik) is ideal for suggesting a rock formation, I'll be interested to see this when quilted. Nice container for your orchid. I have one of the moth orchids but it suddenly looks as it it's turning up it's toes, don't know why!

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