Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Fiber art, crochet, knitting and sketching

I continue to struggle with neuropathy and fatigue so excuse my  absence here. We’ve also been away over the past weekend to PEI for my grandson, Ollie’s 2nd Birthday where we stayed at a lovely B&B in Cornwall, called the Country Lane. After our NL trip he is more willing to try them out. I look for ones with an en-suite bathroom. This one was a beautiful 125 year old renovated house painted in light beige with lots of aqua painted furniture and the breakfasts were wonderful.

My daughter and I went to an Etsy craft show where I treated myself to this special wool hat. 

I spent most of yesterday resting, knitting and crocheting while watching a movie on Netflix. I switch from crochet to knitting as fingers get sore. The Afghan is knit double stranded. My daughter is always cold and wants something really heavy.

I picked up this hand dyed merino yarn at the show as well from the same vendor. It reminded me of watermelon but I can see it’s Christmas colors too.

 Today, I did a small pen and ink of the balloon flower seed heads that I’m studying for a piece of fiber art. I collaged the foam stamped background into my journal with matte medium at breakfast and did the sketch at lunch when it was dry. I could see this on fabric using free motion stitching in black thread.

Then after another short rest, lol, (I’m learning to accept it) I headed to my studio for about an hour where I cut more pieces for my rock cliff while watching an episode of The Quilt Show.

 I only worked on the rock part can you believe it? It’s still in the very ugly stage and will be for a while.

I just startled when G came in the door. Time got away from me. Our lights on the back deck came on a few minutes ago. I’ve been putting them there for a few years set to come on at dusk and turn off at ten. It helps to cheer up the dark days and gives us hope as the days grow longer after Christmas and they gradually come on later.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Such an adorable wee man - celebrating being two. We've only stayed in a B&B once and weren't quite sure what the proper etiquette was while staying in someone else's home. Luckily our hostess made it easy and even astounded us by leaving us alone in her home while she went out for the evening. Not something I would expect her to do with complete strangers!

Sally Hurley said...

Bummer for the fatigue. The afghan looks lovely. I like the watermelon yarn, too. And that hat! What a great find. :-)

Mystic Quilter said...

Just finding time to do a little here and there does help the fatigue I find, it means you are able to work on small projects here and there. I suppose the very cold weather doesn't help your health situation, keep warm!