Sunday, April 29, 2018

Cascade quilt

My sewing room and I are both in a transition. The messy work in my studio is done and the walls are painted a soft grey. The former closet space is awaiting the cabinets and countertop which should be in this week. Then I have to wait for the carpenter.

This is how I’m working right now. The pic is a bit dark because I took it towards the window. Can you make out the white? Still a yard full of snow.

The in wall ironing board has been ordered and should also be here soon. What I give up in ironing board size, I’ll gain in room space.

Gradually, I’ve been picking  away at what came out of the room, a seemingly growing pile of stuff. However did it all fit? I know it’ll never all go back in but a nice freshly organized room where I’ll also have space for my glider rocker will be nice.

This afternoon it’s damp outside (no gardening yet with the snow) and I felt the urge to do a little sewing.  The Cascade quilt from Victoria Finley Wolfe’s book was calling to me.

Before all my renovations got under way, I started a sample to see how it would go and I really liked it. I think it’s much like piecing a braid only with gentle curves. At the time I set it aside  because I have another quilt started (who doesn’t) but then I liked it so much, I decided to make it baby quilt size.
Girl colors.

I recommend this one. It’s very addictive once you start cutting and adding colors.

Inexplicably, I’m suffering such a great amount of pain right now in all my joints, especially my back. I haven’t been able to do my usual length of sewing, walking or yoga. Although maybe it’s a phase - I’m hoping so - perhaps my doctor will have some insights when I see her Tuesday, I do know my iron is low. 

Also, space isn’t quite conducive to artwork yet,  so I’ve been relaxing a bit more and doing some knitting. I’m lucky to always have something to do. Sometimes too much! 

At a workshop several weeks ago I started this Twister bag and Finally finished it. Well, except to sew a button onto the front. I really had fun with this too. It’s a bit of a change for me.

 As is usually the case, I’ve been designing art quilts in my head. I have to content myself with that until I get my space more settled and my body healed. 


Sally Hurley said...

Pretty colors on the quilt and the bag!

Mystic Quilter said...

Love the Twister bag, purple is one of my favourite colours so it's a winner with me! I'm pleased you show the Cascade you're working on, I bought the book when it first came out and the template but not gotten around to making a start, your sample here is encouraging me to make a start!
Not having read too many blogs lately I wasn't aware your studio was having a make-over, lucky you, it's looking great, won't you be pleased to get everything back in place.