Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Studio Reno

I haven’t posted here because my studio is emptied and undergoing a Reno. I did bring one sewing machine to my kitchen table so I could do a bit on my twister tote. Since I’ve been away for a couple days for another doctors appointment and with the running around I’ve had to do for supplies, I’ve  not done a lot. 
I finished putting the front and back together. This is one side with the twister template.

Here is the front and back all done with batiks. We have a quilting day this Saturday so I’ll get it mostly done I hope.

My studio started out like this after the closet dividing wall was ripped out and it was opened up on the top as wel..

The holes got patched and the flooring was added. Lucky we had enough extra leftover from when we’d originally laid it.

And today the paint was done. It’s a very light grey.

Now, I’m waiting for cabinets to go atop the closet space along with a counter top. Coming later will be a larger window to replace the existing one. There will be a new ceiling light and an in wall small ironing board. 
I’m so excited!


Robbie said...

Redo is coming right along..love the colors of the quilt!! Beautiful!

Sally Hurley said...

Neat quilt. The closet is exciting (nice work on that, too).

Kate said...

I love the fabrics you are using for your tote bag. I look forward to seeing it finished.

sherry said...

it is always so nice to have a new clean sparkly workspace

Angela said...

A studio reno is in my future. Still a lot to ponder before we jump in though.