Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Cascade baby Quilt

I sewed and cut a few more strips for the baby quilt, starting a second row. I’m determined to stick with stash fabrics. I’ve laid out a loose arrangement which will probably change.

This truly is the most fun I’ve had piecing in a while! I’m enjoying my new space even though it’s not quite finished it feels fresh and clean. 

I will be able to watch quilting shows and tutorials once I get my computer back in there. I’m getting a little frustrated with Kent’s as every week they tell me the cabinets will be in. I was assured they’d be in today and I haven’t heard. I called and left a message. I guess it’s just a busy Reno time of year. I need patience!


sherry said...

renos suck while you are in the midst of them but oh when finished you will be in love with the end product ... loving those blocks ... like the way they curve

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Your baby quilt is going to be stunning! As for the reno and the delays, for some reason that seems to be the way it goes. Everything takes longer (and ends up costing more) than what you expect.