Thursday, February 9, 2017

Zippered bag

Here's a little update on the zippered bag I'm making. This is definitely why I'm better at art than I am at following directions. First, I misread the materials list- I tend to be a little ADD- and I ironed on fusible fleece instead of fusible interfacing. This made it a real challenge to get nice top stitching and putting in the zipper was a trial!
Then, I found this grey fabric and decided I liked it for the inside. I just finished cutting it and ironing the fusible fleece on, but guess what, I cut it a half inch too narrow, lol. I'm leaving it for another day. Sigh....can't wait to get this sling off and get back to some art work. At least it's not for a gift. My daughter asked for one for her diaper bag. Another reason for my struggles is that I'm living in a fog right now. I've had to increase medication for neuropathy that has flared back up, my blood glucose levels are a bit high (no idea why) which also makes me sleepy and I'm generally fatigued. I'm on a new and second medication for my blood pressure and I need to start something for cholesterol. Frustrating. I could stand to loose at least 40 pounds; so far I've lost about 8. On a good note, I've tried to get out for a walk almost every day or a snowshoe, and I bought a rowing machine which I've started at 5 minutes since I'm using only one arm. I've got about ten days before my surgeon's appointment. After that I'll be starting building exercises for my shoulder, not just the passive ones I'm doing now. I'm so anxious to get started and especially to be able to drive again! That's my little rant for  today. This is the real me. One day at a time. Today I walked 40 minutes on snowy streets. I did a wash and hung it downstairs ( we use the drier only for towels and pants.) I made my bed. I cleaned up the kitchen. I did my exercises. I sewed in one side of the zipper. Those are my accomplishments for today. I forgot, these are the socks I've just started. Grey, again, my daughter's favourite.
  My little Ollie wearing my latest sweater. I can't keep up!
  At 4:00pm  my husband is picking me up. We have an appointment at the bank and we'll go for supper afterwards.


Mereknits said...

Sounds like you are doing wonderful Holly. So sweet seeing the baby in that sweater.

Mystic Quilter said...

You certainly had a full day Holly! I can sympathise with the health problems getting to you - perhaps when the sling is off you will at least feel more comfortable. Lovely little Ollie looks so relaxed, perhaps we could take a leaf out of his book! Cosy looking sweater and my favourite colours!

Jo Ferguson said...

I'm always impressed at how you have days like this and still manage to focus on creating and finding joy in small moments. Ollie's sweater is darling.