Thursday, February 23, 2017

A little stitching, a little printing

It was so beautiful here yesterday, sunny and mild like spring, that I had to get back out on the snowshoes. This time I went with my friend, Alma. Since my hip replacement I'm jus t beginning to get up to speed and to go with her. She goes with me on her slow days, lol. We were out for an hour and a half! A personal best for me. Along the way we stopped a few times to feed the chickadees, catch our breath after a hilly climb, or grab a bite of clementine.
Each morning upon awakening, I like to consider my options for the day. It's mild again today and still quite lovely and the predicted rain hasn't arrived yet (I wish it wouldn't). I opted to stay inside to spend some time in the studio. And rest the legs a bit. Later, I'll probably do a short bit on my new rowing machine, one handed as I still am not permitted to use the right arm. I did a small bit of free motion stitching, mostly just to see how I liked the color. I'm not sure it shows in the picture but I outlined a couple spots in a purple silk thread after finishing the ferns. Then I decided to add a little more texture using my own screen designs. It's a bit tricky to do this after you've started stitching but I used torn paper to mask any areas I didn't want paint. I just wanted partial prints here and there.
You can make out the pink screened areas above. Here's the whole piece.
It was particularly brave (or foolhardy) of me to print on this pieced and bordered one!
You may think the pink is a bit dark. That was my first thought. I did lighten it up some on the lighter ones and I think once I start stitching around the printed flora, and add the quilting, they will recede. I also added the screen print to another small Gelli print with a shimmery bronze. I'm liking this one.
I cleaned up and ran out to the grocery store and picked up my traditional fast food supper when hubby is away, a small cooked lobster. And the best for last, my happy little grandson, Ollie, now almost 3 months old.
Now, I must go get my supper. I'm having the lobster with a slice of pumpernickel bread and leftover roasted cabbage with mustard vinaigrette. How's that for a combination?  


Sally Hurley said...

Pretty! I like your fabrics with the batiks. Great color.

Mystic Quilter said...

My mouth is just watering at the wonderful supper you are having!! Pleased to see you're out and about more now Holly and back into stitching with a vengeance!!

Jo Ferguson said...

Now I want lobster!!! I'm loving what you're doing with your printing and free motion. It's always so delicate and natural looking. I'm also loving that you're getting outside and enjoying some activity....but most of all I'm loving Ollie. He looks so happy.