Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Free motion embroidery

I'm in a bit of a lull. Yes, the shoulder is healing, but I'm feeling a bit listless and without my usual creative energy. I imagine how nice it would be to curl up under a blanket and stay there for the day, but then at the end of the day I'd be unsatisfied. I start with a few simple chores which then inevitably leads me into my studio. It's like the adage, what's in motion stays in motion. Did I get that right? After getting my bed sheets into the wash, I mixed up these chocolate banana muffins. They're mainly sweetened with banana and unsweetened applesauce. I used a dark cocoa.
After lunch, I dallied at the table. I managed to get my tax papers clipped together and organized. Definitely satisfying! Then I went into my studio to finish the machine stitching on the small Gelli print.
The gold vines are done using the bobbin technique. It is loaded onto the bobbin and stitched from the back. I draw a bit of a guide using a frixon pen. Now I'm ready to sit at my leisure and hand embellish using some fibers that I ordered from Monika Kinner-Whalen at My Sweet Praire Studio.


Jo Ferguson said...

They're beautiful....the muffins and your work.

Mereknits said...

Those muffins look so yummy. GLad your shoulder is doing better.