Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Nests, birds and feathers

Before my surgery I was experimenting with some monoprinting using black screen printing ink on white fabric. Do you remember? I put them up on my design wall to think about during my recovery. I had time to add some color to a couple with Neocolor II crayons and to try some free motion out lining with black thread. I wasn't inspired.
For a while it was tempting to abandon them for other projects, but after giving them lots of thought, I decided to persevere to see what would emerge. I started with a small piece that wouldn't take a large time investment.
The pink designs in the background are printed using one of my own designs on a thermofax screen. It actually has some significance to me. The prints remind me of the wallpapers that my father Used whenever he was redoing one of our houses where I lived growing up. I think I may like where this is going. Not sure. It's going up on the wall for a bit before I proceed. I'd like to get to this larger piece. I will need to finish adding the color first.
However, I may try a little bird first. The weather here is spring like although we have lots of snow. I'm going to head out on a few errands after lunch and try to leave time to get out on the snow shoes.  Our backyard is filled with several feet of snow.
We have pathways to the sheds and the back door.
It's beautiful! Even more so at dusk when my little snowflake lights along the deck rails come on. Dusk came around 6:00PM last night. We're slowly gaining light.


Susan Sawatzky said...

I really love reading your blog! I find it soothing and lovely. The tree branch and nest are particularly beautiful.

Susan in Port Townsend, WA

Sandi said...

Your prints are lovely, the rime spent on deciding what to do has been fruitful.

Enjoy the break in the weather and enjoy your time snowshoeing. Looks lovely.

Jo Ferguson said...

The nest is intricate and beautiful. I love seeing how your work progresses through each stage.