Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Stitching Fall Colors

I realize that 1/2 of the world is now heading into spring while we are moving through fall towards winter, but it's hard not to celebrate autumn when the colors and the air are just so splendid. It kind of makes us forget for a bit that we are slowly moving toward shorter cooler days.

This was another view from our outing on Monday. See what I mean? It would make a very pretty piece of fiber art. If only I could work faster, sigh.

While I sketched, hubby took the camera.

He sees differently than I do. I walked right by and didn't even notice this beaver felled tree.

But I would notice this. I'm seduced by color.

I had an occupational therapy appointment this morning and before that, I got in a few slow laps at the spa pool.  After lunch, my bit of exercise done for the day, I sat down for nearly 1 and 1/2 hours to stitch a bit more foreground brush on the foreground of the birches. It adds a little color to the mostly grey, white and black piece.Sorry, I can only show sneak peaks at this point.

The other day I had applied the fir trees that I cut from the thread lace made on stretched netting.

My next goal is to stitch the confetti leaves down--they're only scattered loosely about right now-- and then add the final bits of grasses and foliage to the very foreground. I do love that part!

First, though I am packing for a guild retreat this weekend which was a last minute decision. The workshop that I'd registered for at Fiber Fest in Amherst was canceled. I'm very disappointed; some year I'll get there. Lucky for me space was still available at the center so I'm going. Friday morning until Sunday.

My paln is to finish the top of my Halloween quilt and to get a baby quilt top done. Maybe. I'll post pictures.


MILLY said...

It is a lovely time of the year to get outside, red berries and leaves. I attended a drawing day, we found toadstools in the wood to draw, the red with white spots like fairy seats. Happy belated 60th birthday, lovely to share with friends. I have enjoyed catching up on all your projects, sketching, sewing and do some wonderful work.. And I hope you are keeping well , so glad to see you getting out and enjoying the season. Have a great weekend at your course. Best wishes . Millyx

Jo Ferguson said...

I love the term "seduced by colour". The photos are lovely and it's nice to see you sitting and sketching. The "Birches" is coming along beautifully. Do you make your thread lace on tulle or do you have a water soluble stabilizer in there, as well? Have fun at the retreat!

Mereknits said...

I hope your OT treated you nicely, we tend to be very caring people. I love your walk and I think it is fascinating that your husband sees things in a different way.