Sunday, October 25, 2015

Snap bag

I finished the little snap bag that I started the other day. It makes me want to giggle when it snaps closed.

I think it makes good use of my gelli print. Here's the other side.

Although it wasn't mentioned in the pattern, I thought the prairie points might be used to tug it open; however, they do seem to stretch a bit. It's easy enough to open with the fingers and they're cute anyway. Next time though maybe I'd try little loops. I didn't put a handle either and I could.

Also, I found that once I stitched it closed and turned it that the ends of the aluminum tape are still quite long and seem to be stretching the pocket. I believe I'll open one side and cut a little more off.

It was a fun little bag to make and I'll probably try a few more in different sizes here and there.

That's it for my Sunday. A leisurely breakfast with hubby, the crossword, baking muffins, and visiting hubby's parents filled the rest of my day. I hope you're having a pleasant Sunday too!



Sandi said...

I've not made one but wonder did you round the ends of the tape measure when you cut it? I'd worry it would damage your fabric?

It looks lovely.

Jo Ferguson said...

It's gorgeous.