Thursday, October 29, 2015


I've been laid up some this week again with a back spasm and haven't done the sewing I'd like to have. Hubby picked me up an electric heating belt that velcros around the waist. It has been my saviour-- gotten me off the sofa!

I worked some this morning on my birches and then after lunch I did a bit of free motion stitching on one of the poinsettia prints. I don't want to lose the print affect so won't do much more. Just a bit in the leaves.

I outlined in black.

Ill add a wee bit of greens to the leaves and call it done.

Then, I need to decide if it'll be a runner or a topper for centre table. I have another one so maybe both. Next step is to chose some fabrics to finish it off and then sandwich it for quilting.

I've got to run. I'm heading downtown on an errand and then tutoring for an hour at the library.


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Jo Ferguson said...

What a thoughtful hubby. The simplicity of your stitching works so well with this piece. I love the black, sketchy outline. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do next with this.